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Wazzup! So, we have a question today from Darren Crouts and he says, "I’ve a question about nutrition. I’m concerned that I’m not getting enough protein even work out I’m putting in. I take protein drink everyday from the protein powder mixed on milk. On the hardest workout days I would do 2 protein drinks. Is it okay? I wish I had more! I’m open to any of your suggestions, thank you, Darren."

So the question of how much protein you actually need to take is a little more complex than what most people would say and here’s why.

You know, if you’re really gonna make, you know, if you’re really gonna make an estimate on how much protein you needed, we need to know, first of all your lean muscle mass. Because I mean, for example, if you try to prescribe someone how much protein they need a body weight, that have might be fat, or that have might be bone density. Lean muscle mass is basically what’s gonna be consuming the protein or would need to consume the protein. That’s one thing that you wanna know.

Another thing that you would wanna know and by the way I’m gonna give you another answer. You don’t have to go through all this stuff.

So another thing that you would wanna know is what your metabolic grade, your metabolic expenditures and how busy you are, how much you’re working other than the workout. And another thing is, not everyone absorbs equally the protein they do eat or drink.

Some people might take protein and might just pass it on through. Pee-pee, poo-poo right on through. And that also happens.

My philosophy on protein, I mean for people who say they have an exact signs of how much protein, they say I weigh 550 pounds and you get so much of your body weight, whatever. That might be a good guideline and that’s something that we give as well. Some people say "That’s too much, or whatever." It’s better to air on the side of too much protein than too little.

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What Do You Always Mean When You Say Don’t Pace Yourself?

November 19, 2013 Read the full article →
Isabel Marant Sneakers

FlyWad again, you get now the question. Hey how cool is this, this is a one of those build stocking caps, I just put a stocking cap over the top of my head. What do you always mean when you say, ??Don??t pace yourself??? When you pace yourself, you??re lowering your intensity in order to […]

Jumping Technique Webinar Saturday 4pm

November 18, 2013 Read the full article →

Yo guys! Saturday, 4 pm, Eastern Standard Time, we??re gonna be doing a webinar and it??s gonna be live so our seats are filling up already so I feel that I let you guys know. We??re gonna be going over jumping technique. I??ve been posting a couple of videos about some new techniques that I??m […]


How can I do this program at home without a Squat rack and just the barbell and bench?

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Brandon Otcho Sinc, his question is ??How can I do this program, the Jump Manual, at home without a squat rack and just the barbell and bench. So, we have non-weight alternatives for every single exercise in the Jump Manual. Now we have a forum at where you can get all the non-weight alternatives […]

Can Repetitive Exercises Like Jump Roping Help Your Vertical

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What??s up? Slum77 has made a comment, and he says, ??Jacob how can repetitive exercise like jump roping or rim jumps??it doesn??t work your maximum vertical.?? Okay, it??s kinda??his question is basically even though want to face that way, how can repetitive exercises like jump roping or rim jumps increase your vertical? Because it doesn??t […]

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What do you want to change about Jump Manual?

September 7, 2013 Read the full article →

I need some feedback. So this week, we’re gonna have a new format with Jump Manual. Meaning all previous customers will get the new format. New video inside the e-book. Little more updated sections, better access to some of our staff that previously invited the forums; you’ll hunt filing the forums. Now I’ll gonna write […]


Pre Ground Contact Acceleration

September 6, 2013 Read the full article →

So I want to talk to you guys about the new concept that I’ve come up in a little bit. And it’s something that to take it has scientifically experiment with me. Meaning I haven’t hooked up or EMG machines to know that yet and I will. And at that point, we will have undisputable […]


Sprinting and Quad Strength for your Vertical Leap

September 5, 2013 Read the full article →

It’s from JavaLinks. I’d like to say thanks for responding my last question about recovering my vertical after an injury. Since then I’ve gained 3 inches back awesome. I’m wondering about the importance of sprints and also specifically quad exercises. I feel as if my quad is lacking in comparison to my other major muscle […]

Stretching For Your Vertical Leap

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Training to Failure for Vertical Leap

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Training to failure for vertical leap What do you say was to go to failure in some sets will you always emphasize intensity? I??ll always harp on intensity vertical leap is a movement, of intensity it??s an explosive moment moving slowly is to benefit you especially if that is your main mode of training. So […]

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