Jacob Hiller Dunk

Rim Rocker Dunk For Cloud by Jacob Hiller

Basketball Dunking Video

Old dunk on a 10 foot rim. I’m posting this for a friend who stuck up for me several times when it was unpopular.

I’ve had this and many other vids for a long time but I haven’t posted them. Many have said I can’t dunk or can’t jump and many of you have stuck up for me, because you have seen my videos in coaching sessions.


Particularly my friend Brandon AKA Cloud, who has seen them and everyone called him (and me a liar).?Thanks to anyone who sticks up for me and The Jump Manual when haters come a callin’! I know there is more than just him…so thanks to all!

Currently working on beating my old best dunks and jumping higher then I ever have.?The goal is 45 inches to beat my old best.

Thanks for your encouragement!

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Article by Jacob Hiller

Jacob Hiller's best selling book "The Jump Manual" has been used and taught in over 30 countries and in 4 different languages and featured on ESPN and Fadeaway. Coach Hiller has worked with professional and Olympic level athletes and is currently touring the globe.

Jacob has written 267 awesome articles for us.

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