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imageBlake Griffin highlights are a nightly expectation.  This kid is the most dunkingest man in the world right now.  He’s big, he’s agile, he even appears to be slightly red headed… which is also menacing.

The third highlight on this one is unreal… the oopabilit of this cat is unreal.

Can He Take The Dunk Contest This Year?

"Young Hollywood” is just ridiculous in these dunks. Enjoy…

Even You Can Learn How To Dunk!

One Of The Best NBA Dunks

Check out this explosive move from Derrick Rosé. In my opinion this is his best dunk of his NBA career. Agree or disagree?

michaeldunks I thought I had seen all Mike’s highlights, then I stumbled on this jewel.  Check out the distance and explosiveness on the take off! The clip below is from a 1986 Nike sponsored exhibition game in Italy. In my opinion this is one of Jordan’s best dunks…  if you disagree post below in comments.

Check out the air on this ally oop. If you haven’t seen T-dub dunk before, check out this mix below.  This guys is one of my favorite dunkers.  If you have any opinions on the best dunker in the world or best leaper, please leave it in comments below. EBFA7CS4QGE5 No related posts. No related posts.
Nice vertical…Amazing dunks Check out more videos and articles at Free Vertical Jump Training

What do you think of the Slam Dunk competitions?

Well, whatever your thoughts you’ve just gotta watch Nate Robinson. Just watch how he seems hang in the air; just watch his vertical leap …

… hey, maybe one day I’ll be able to leap over a man standing upright — but maybe not with a basketball in my hand … more likely a pogo-stick.

How tall is he anyway? It’s uncanny, isn’t it … or is it just hard work and training.

Watch and learn …

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