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Adenotrex: The Facts

adenotrexLet’s just talk about the facts regarding this supplement and you can decide for yourself whether it is worth the investment. It has creatine, which is a clear performance enhancer.? In my opinion creatine has been under the eye of scrutiny for a long time and has succeeded. Kreakalyn is not exclusive to adenotrex and is one of the “newer” creatines, that claims better absorption rates.?? For a full breakdown on this subject click here:? What is the best type of creatine. Basically, a monohydrate, which is far cheaper, is a fine supplement to use and will give you noticeably more energy in regards to anaerobic activity such as jumping and lifting. That energy will come as more endurance, meaning the ability to continue an anerobic events more times. This will also result in better, longer, and more intense workouts which will in time make you more powerful.

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Article by Jacob Hiller

Jacob Hiller's best selling book "The Jump Manual" has been used and taught in over 30 countries and in 4 different languages and featured on ESPN and Fadeaway. Coach Hiller has worked with professional and Olympic level athletes and is currently touring the globe.

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