Adenotrex: The Pros And Cons Of Using Adenotrex

The Pros and Cons of Using Adenotrex

If you’re looking into creatine products to enhance your muscle growth, you’ve probably heard of the brand Adenotrex. Why is there so much controversy concerning this product, and will it really produce more gains for your muscles than other creatine supplements? Read below to find out.

According to the makers of Adenotrex, the benefits of this product are:

1) Faster gains in the gym and on the court or field

2) Measurable improvements in raw, explosive power

3) Enhanced recovery to get you at peak condition, faster

4) And you’ll never have to use another creatine product

They also say this product is safe for 13-year-olds and older, because the ingredients of Adenotrex are simply:

- concentrated amino acids, including Taurine

- herb and plant extracts and

- glucose-derived molecules.

There is also no cycling, or periods of non-use or loading, involved.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not all good news. There are also some cons associated with this product, including:

1. Dietary restrictions: Tough luck if you’re fond of colas, sodas, alcohol, chocolate, corn chips, or using cold/cough medicine. All of these will ruin the effectiveness of Adonetrex.

2. Slow shipping, at least according to forum postings.

3. Irresponsible claims: Scientifically-Engineered To Measurably Increase Vertical Jumping Ability, Sprint-Speed And Explosive Power… Without Any Extra Effort! Results with no effort is a warning sign for any improvement product.

4. Expensive: For maximum effects, you’re supposed to take 3 tablets a day, which means you’ll go through a bottle of this every month. At $67, this is a pricey investment. Here’s a little secret: you can get creatine for $10 and it will last you two months. It just won’t claim to retain less water and absorb faster, and these claims are unsubstantiated with Adenotrex anyway. What’s worse, they recommend doubling the daily dose and using two bottles per month. Even at their discounted rate of $99 per two bottles, this is an unnecessary route to take for vertical jump gain.

As with any product, only you can tell if it is the best solution for you for athletic performance enhancement. Weigh these pros and cons to help you decide if Adenotrex is the creatine supplement that will help you achieve your greatest gains.

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