Am I still training DAT VERT?

Am I still training DAT VERT?

What’s up SuccessDriven247? You asked me a question. The question was "Jacob are you still playing basketball, working on your vertical because you look great but more like a body builder type?

Thing going on versus I can jump 50 thing inches. You know. So, SuccessDriven247, Yeah I’m still, have a month ago went to play in a social league and twist my ankle pretty good. I still can swoop and so working on that but I’m still training I just got to I just got to start doing the full jump manual again so I’m coming at it. I went to a local playground I couldn’t really do any running jumps but after standing jump I was still dunking to hands off standing jump.

So I figured as soon as my ankle is pretty good maybe by a month I’ll be doing some of the frills. So I weigh 208 pounds but 208 to 210 pounds depending on what’s on the belly and without the hair about 207.8 pounds. So, yeah I’m still fired up. Yeah I’m not really a body builder, I’ve got a kind of fat but I’m not really a ??boked?? so to speak. I’m pretty good weight price keep at this weight keep build mass strength up trying to get all that rapidness.

Thanks for your question bro.

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