Best Headphones for Working Out

Best Headphones for Working Out

I bought a Beats by Dre back in the day and then I went to India. It was so hot up in the club in India that those Beats by Dre gone broke and that was like weekend. Those things are expensive; you know that’s 200 bucks. And I was in India, I bought them in the United States of America and so I did not have any recourse. I didn’t know what to do.

So I thought I??m gonna buy something in Bose. Bose is all over the world and they got an international guarantee and if you have any problems they say you just go into the store and then look it up. So I got these.

First of all, let me just say audio call is quite good. It doesn’t have the bass that Beats by Dre has. So I got these Bose and the sound is good and I like the way they fit in there, you know the Beats by Dre they kinda hook around the ear. I just find it clumsy. These things got a few sides and you can just use and pop it around here.

My kid cannot even pull these things out of my ear. It takes a little bit, they’re in there pretty well and are comfortable. They do not cancel out sound which I thought I wouldn’t like. I thought I wanna cancel out that sound, get in into my world, focus, but I actually kinda like that they don’t cancel out the sound because I don’t have to take them off, I don’t have to be like, "Oh, what did you say?" You know all the time I just keep them in. It doesn’t really block any sound. It sounds just the same pretty much.

So you know, maybe for some you want a sealed in get inside of your own head kinda delio. Well, if that’s the case, you might now opt to these. or something. It’s supposed to be waterproof let me tell you how these went. So I sort of started running with these, even when it’s sprinkling outside, raining and they still worked. But this button stopped working and the microphone stopped working.

So I went over to Bose and I don’t have my receipt but I said just bring in the product and they can link the product to my credit card number. But for any product in the world any company they would require receipt.

So I got on Twitter and I said you know I just asked the wrong post and it was not in the main store, it’s just like some booth. I shouldn’t have done that; I should have gone right to the headquarters so that’s my fault. I tweeted to Bose and I said hey you i got this thing because I don’t want to spend another 150-200 bucks for them to break and they said, let’s take care of you they sent me over to the Australian folks.

They sent me email, they said we??ve got them replaced for you just come by and pick them up. Slam! Went by and picked them up; button works, volume works. You’ll use a lot with these headphone s and you sweat in them, work out in them and so it’s nice to know.

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