Can I Swim After a Muscle Tear?

Can I Swim After a Muscle Tear?

Is it okay to swim after a muscle tear? Yeah, it’s gonna be okay. If you got a muscle tear and it??s pretty bad obviously you are a wound that has high amount of tension on the muscles because this is how a tear works, it’s a like a cloth that been torn and you don’t want to continue putting tension and pressure. It needs to heal back.

Swimming is a low tension, low impact exercise you can do. That doesn??t if it’s bad enough you should even avoid that because even that could aggravate. However, that could be one of the first exercises aside from just moving the muscle that you do and that can help you accurate you the most fibers again, gets blood flowing into the area and yes swimming is good and it gives you a low impact, low tension way to start rehabilitating that muscle.

There are obviously lots of things that you do with torn muscle and we’ve made a lot of video. I just want to address swimming in particular but for those who are saying what else can I do if I torn a muscle, let’s just say the main thing to do is to get blood flow coming in, new platelets coming in or blood out so hot cold therapy can work well and rehabbing the muscle and if you’ve been out for a while and you’ve got this basically work through way out, the worst thing that you want to do is get back on that muscle too quick because then you’re gonna re-injure it, extend your time and that scarred tissues can take even longer to heal. Injuries are the worst, guys. Injury, all athletes deal with it, there are certain amount of risks, unavoidable injury risk as an athlete and I just would like to encourage you that take your rehabilitation seriously and take your pre-habilitation seriously and even though your anxious, as athletes we want to get in, we want to play it??s hard to watch other people play without getting in there but wait on it make sure that you are in a condition where you could play so you just don??t make things worse, you don’t compound the problem for this particular video swimming is fantastic if you get in there and it’s sharp pain obviously it??s not ready for any tension, it??s a good low tension low impact exercise that you could do.

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