Can Repetitive Exercises Like Jump Roping Help Your Vertical

Can Repetitive Exercises Like Jump Roping Help Your Vertical

What??s up?

Slum77 has made a comment, and he says, ??Jacob how can repetitive exercise like jump roping or rim jumps??it doesn??t work your maximum vertical.??

Okay, it??s kinda??his question is basically even though want to face that way, how can repetitive exercises like jump roping or rim jumps increase your vertical? Because it doesn??t work your max from vertical.

So there are a few ways. One, if you watched my previous video called jump roping and increasing your vertical leap, you??ll notice that I recommended extremely high intensity jump roping, doing double-under s and moving on to double-unders with one leg, which will increase your strength and will be at a very high intensity and would also strengthen two things. So repetitive work can also strengthen two things, although most of our workers focus on maximum intensity and even our jump roping is focused on maximum intensity because we??re lowering the ground contact time.

But extremely repetitive work can enforce a neural signal, and neural signal is the movement. Now when you??re jump roping your ground contact time is extremely low. So the signal is boom, boom, boom, boom, it??s very fast. And because it??s very repetitive, it will teach the body to be a little bit faster.

That??s it. We still wanna do as high repetition as possible without pacing our self. We don??t jump rope say a minute or 5 minutes, just go, go, go, we??re jump roping at our absolute maximum velocity.

So even though, so basically the way I recommended to jump rope is with maximum intensity. And so rim jumps maximum intensity. If you??re jumping more than 8 to ten, if you having pacing yourself like I said in the previous video, that??s the time when you??re not using your maximum vertical. So jump roping and rim jumps should be at your maximum velocity.

But also to answer your question, some repetitive movements can help strengthen your tendons and can also help reinforce or enforce our neural signals or movement pattern.

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