Can women lift also? Am I bulking? WTF?

Can women lift also? Am I bulking? WTF?

So, I??m gonna answer two questions on this one. Number one, I don??t know what that question is. Mr. Tory11. Question number two, Kristof15 says, ??Can women lift too??? Yeah, women can lift too. Women can gain muscle and can increase their vertical just like men can but they do have different amount of muscle fiber, they do have different hormone profile and often, I??m not trying to be sexist here, often women??s movement efficiency is less developed than a little boys might be. So we??re a big boys, might be.

Yes, women can lift and can get lots of benefits from that. We??ve worked with lot of boys and girls both. So that??s for Kristof15??s question. Even though on the comments I said no women can??t lift. I was kidding around.

Let??s see, we have another question to??Oh! So we say, the man of booking face and can I tell you what I did for my booking face and that question was Afmhed Jay. So, no I??m not a booking face and right now I??m doing intermittent fasting. So basically I??m kind of on a cutting and booking face at the same time.

So I??ve lost some fat and I??ve gained muscle and some of my weight is maybe slightly going up but not that??s gotta the same as I??m still gaining muscle and losing fat. So I could talk more about what diet plan I use and what exercises I use for that cycle, so to speak. I??ve been doing it for about three or more months and it??s been really good.

Yesterday I did, I was doing half squats and I did 670 of half squats and I??m opting to get 500 for my dead lifts. It feels good. Aside from my twisted ankle I??m ready to get after it.

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