Do this exercise for fewer ankle sprains.

Do this exercise for fewer ankle sprains.

When you consider that the ankle joint bears pretty much all of your bodies weight, and absorbs the force from changes in momentum and change of direction at the same time, its no wonder that ankles are a likely candidate for injury.

Sprains and ankle roll injuries are also notorious for being severe and taking a long time to heel. Are your current training methods setting you up for ankle injuries? One common exercise you’re probably already doing, and may be doing incorrectly could Actually be contributing to an increased chance of turning or rolling your ankle.  The exercise is the calf raise, and the potential problem is a muscle imbalance from improper alignment during the exercise.

When doing a calf raise the tendency while raising up onto the balls of your feet is to allow your heels to flair outward. This will result in a strengthening of the outer stabilizing muscles of the lower leg but will allow the inner lower leg stabilizing muscles to stay week. This resulting imbalance can lead to a greater chance of rolling your ankle to the outside when enough force is placed on the ankle joint during cuts and changes in direction on the basketball court or any where else. The solution: Correct calf raise form. This will strengthen both the inner and outer lower leg stabilizer muscles equally. The next time you do calf raises, pay attention to the spacing of your heels. If you start out with your heels 2 inches apart, make sure they stay 2 inches apart all the way up and back down through the full range of motion. You will immediately feel the inner lower leg stabilizer muscles working. To feel the difference, try a few allowing your heels to flair outward and you will feel the outer stabilizers of the lower leg working but not the inner. That’s the muscle imbalance on its way to putting your ankles at risk. If done properly you will feel both the inner and outer areas of the lower leg working equally.

Other Ankle exercises you can do for better flexibility, range of motion and stronger Ankles are Foot rolls (move each foot in circles both clockwise and counter clockwise) and ABC’s (using your big toe as a pointer with your foot in the air, spell out the shape of each letter in the alphabet. Work Hard: Train Hard:


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