How can teenagers get fit?

How can teenagers get fit?

What Can Teenagers do to get bigger and stronger?

What should a 15-year old male athlete do to stay fit and get bigger, weights? And this is the part I love, can I eat some junk foods or? What should a 15 year old do? Well you should do what most of you should do. You should, you know, if you wanna just to get fit, you get into athletic.

And if you wanna get athletic, you should learn how to move like an athlete; get stronger, increase your endurance, do all that stuff. If you know what your exact your goals are, so if you just wanna get fit, you should start eating right, start doing movements with high levels of tension and just start working on your cardiovascular endurance and your anaerobic endurance. That will make you nice and fit.

Can you eat some junk food or…you can eat some junk food, I mean, if you eat too much junk food it will make it more difficult to get rept. You won’t get strong when you eat junk food. But if you wanna get fit you gotta realize this, if you wanna get good looking, you might wanna mind how much junk food you eat. The easiest way to that is find some replacement for the junk food like the Twinkies try to find replacements or try to eat your junk food at different times for example.

You might wanna eat your junk food after a big workout. Because that’s when your glycogen supply is depleted and that will most likely be used to restore your blood sugar and deplete and restore glycogen.

Rather, you get a fat, you see when you eat a lot of sugar, with junk food, your blood sugar gets really high. When your blood sugar gets really high, your body says, "We’ve got too much sugar up in the club and if you got too much sugar it’s not good for us.?? So what it says is, I’m gonna need is insulin in the body and reduce the sugar out.

So it takes that sugar and puts it, stores it as fat. So if you’re spiking your insulin by eating your junk food all day long, you’re just storing a little fat, steadily storing a little fat all day long. You can eat some junk food but go easy man. If you wanna get fit, best thing to do is a mixture of weight training and high intensity training. Coz if you’ll just do cardio, you’re not changing your metabolic system.

You’re just burning some calories with cardio. When you work out on high intensity level and you get bigger muscles now you’ve got a faster metabolism and now your metabolism works to build muscles not just burn calories. So when you do that, you’re burning calories, you’re changing your metabolism to build muscles and use calories to build and you’re increasing your metabolic rate. You’re burning more while you’re sitting around. That’s three things. If you are just doing cardio, you just burn it.

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