How to Increase Hang Time

1-31-2011 2-41-28 PM

Increasing Hang Time Is Another Coveted Attribute of Aspiring Vertical Jumpers

Can you really increase the amount of time you hang in the air? The answer is yes, but it still might disappoint you.

Hang time is scientifically predetermined by the height you are able to jump in the air (unless you bring your knees up and land on bended knees). If you want more hang time, you need to jump higher!

Don’t be fooled… when someone appears to float longer in the air it’s only because they travel more distance with the same total time in the air. Jordan’s hang time in his free throw line dunk is a great example. He appears to float because he covers so much ground in his jump, plus the fact that he is jumping very high n the air.

Agree or disagree?

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Article by Jacob Hiller

Jacob Hiller's best selling book "The Jump Manual" has been used and taught in over 30 countries and in 4 different languages and featured on ESPN and Fadeaway. Coach Hiller has worked with professional and Olympic level athletes and is currently touring the globe.

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