How to regain strength after injury?

How to regain strength after injury?

JavaLinkz says "How should I regain my vert after a one-month injury? I’m nearly fully recovered but my standing vert is now only about 30 inches.

I don’t know what it was before. I guess it was awesome. How should I train to regain strength in my legs?" Okay now on this question, you may not like my answer but it’s the truth. When you get your injury and let’s say that you got lay low what happens is after it takes place that means your muscle gets weaker because of unused.

Your body says, "Hey when I’m using this we might as well be more efficient with the energy and calories there." And so it will take away from it and it can happen pretty quick. So the key thing to not losing your vert is possible put tension on the muscle. Any kind of tension. That means flexing it in place.

That could mean doing statically contracting the muscle every day. Anything to tell your body "Hey, hey, hey, hey I’m still using this." Because your body is like "use it or lose it." And you’re like "I’m still using this, I’m contracting it, look." So first thing you do is trying to use the muscle. So if it’s it a month period of time and you have on your feet really another thing is your skill set might be a little rusty and to some of that might come back as soon as you stop being so clumsy.

The thing is what kind of athlete you are. If you’ve been in the sports for years and years and years you might not get clumsy but especially just a month off. Give a little time. Some of those neuron-patterns are muscle memory and they will come back quickly.

I wish, I wanna be honest with you. Some people say that the muscle you have, used to have, will come back quicker. Honestly, I don’t know that to be true. I know that when I’ve lost strength I’ve had to work pretty much with seem to be the same amount of time to bring it back. So when you lose it you gotta work to bring it back as if you were starting fresh. So the best thing to do is use it even while on injury.

Sometimes it’s not possible, you know, certain cast or if your doc tells you you shouldn’t be contracting your muscle at all but you can do that, I mean you can probably just contract the muscle in place statistically without flipping.

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