How Vertical Jump Training Can Help Basketball Coaches Win More Games

How Vertical Jump Training Can Help Basketball Coaches Win More Games

Hey, Coach Cronrath here. Many of you know me as the Founder of Winning the Game of Basketball (, a complete step-by-step basketball coaching system I developed to help basketball coaches win more games. I recently spoke with Jacob Hiller, creator of The Jump Manual (, and he asked me to write a guest blog post on ??How Vertical Jump Training Can Help Basketball Coaches Win More Games??. According to Jacob, his Jump Manual has the potential of increasing a basketball player??s vertical jump up to 10?? or more.

Being the student of the game that I am, I was more than happy to take on the challenge and try to crack the code on how vertical jump training can affect the outcome of a basketball game. Since this is a blog entry, and not a book, I will do my best to quickly explain how I believe vertical jumping training can produce more wins for a basketball coach.

Although there are many areas of the game I could focus on to prove my point, I??ve decided to focus on just one area of the game that I believe vertical jump training can directly result in more wins. The area I chose to focus on in this blog post is rebounding. Since rebounding is one of the 4 major statistical categories in basketball that impact the game the most (Check out www.winningthegameofbasketball.comto discover the other 3)it should be a point of emphasis for all basketball coaches who want to win more games.

To give you an idea of how important rebounding (both offensively and defensively) is to winning at the game of basketball, let me provide you a real tangible statistic to think about. It??s been said that basketball teams who out rebound their opponent, usually win 60% to 75% of the time.Without getting into all the fundamentals, techniques and methods involving rebounding, it??s rather obvious that a player??s vertical jumping ability plays a key role in being a good rebounder.

In short, offensive rebounding gives a team a second chance opportunity at scoring more points. While defensive rebounding, stops an opponent from second chance opportunities, resulting in less points. And as we know, the team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. So you can see how rebounding can impact the outcome of a game.

If a player can increase his or her vertical jump by 10?? or more, can you imagine the impact that would have on their own personal rebounding ability?

Or, how about if an entire team was able to increase their individual vertical jump by 10?? or more?

The amount of rebounds each player and the team as a whole would most likely increase, potentially resulting in more points scored, more defensive stops, and ultimately more wins.

I hope this blog post has provided some answers to Jacob Hiller, his vertical jump training community, and basketball coaches and players around the world for the question ??How Can Vertical Jump Training Help Basketball Coaches Win More Games???

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