Is 120 squats per day too much or awesome?

Is 120 squats per day too much or awesome?

I??ve got a question. What it is. Jaden Tan0401 has made a comment. He says, ??What it be doing too much, doing 120 squats per day, 3 sets of 40 each with moderate intensity???

When we train in vert, we train that vert. We don??t do no-low intensity rep. we don??t do no-moderate intensity. We get the high intensity.

40 reps? You must be doing some light way if you??re doing 40 reps. If you do 40 reps, you ain??t doing anything near your max and you probably ain??t gaining much strength. You??re probably getting some endurance??s burn-on. Maybe that burn gives you a false sense of progress. You??re working on your anaerobic endurance. You need to do high intensity, higher tensions, higher weight, higher intensity.

The volume will be determined by your progress. For example, if you can only do so many high intensity squats, let??s say you could 30, if you??ve got to lower the weight considerably, or you can do high intensity after that, then you??re doing too much volume. And you gotta lower it down.

And if you notice during the week, let??s say you do 4 sessions at that, you??ll notice that you??re not all recover because you??re not improving. You??re volume is too high.

People trying to subscribe your volume, you know, ??Do this many sets??? but your volume is really determined by your own ability to recover and you gauge your recovery by your performance.

So when you see your performance going up, we keep and keep the weight, it??s probably a good amount of volume and recovery. Coz you??ve got to balance recovery.

But, man! Stay away from that low, moderate intensity unless your goal is goal is to build your anaerobic endurance and you??re just a new or something.

But if you want to look stronger, get faster, jump higher, be better. Stay away man, just stay away!

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