Is it bad for teenagers to have a caloric deficit?

Is it bad for teenagers to have a caloric deficit?

Is a caloric deficit bad for teenagers?

So when we say caloric deficit, you’re meaning to say that you don’t not get enough calories for your body’s requirements for building and or maintaining muscularity and other aspects. So what you really do not understand is that you can’t just lump all your calories up in the club. You got your micro, macro all that stuff.

Let??s just look at a few. If you are lifting weights and you are not getting enough amino acids and proteins, it’s going to be difficult for your body to build especially functional muscle because it does not have the building blocks.

So you could be in a caloric surplus but because you don’t have the macro nutrient of protein, amino acids, you can’t build a muscle. So you’re going to look at and make sure that you get the proper nutrition, the proper nutrients you can’t just get a bunch of calories and say I??m good to go.

You should also look at timing because when you spike endurance today you??ll make a difference so what you really I??ve been on a certain protocol in a meat fasting, I??ve been on it and loving it and it has made me lean and made me stronger and I??m going to do that more it’s on the videos how I did it and my way of doing it. But let us say, for your answer is it a bad to have a caloric deficit?

If you’re overweight and you want to slim down, tone up might be a good thing to be in caloric deficit because your body when you’re caloric deficit it will use fat storages to increase your blood sugar when you need to so you will be burning your fat storages instead of building them. Coz it’s not necessarily a bad thing it just depends on what your goals are.

If you want to lean down, you might need a caloric deficit. Just make sure why you are in that caloric deficit you start getting your micronutrients you got it men? Does it help out? If you got questions, give me the share.

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