Jump soles Vs. Calf Raises Fight

Jump soles Vs. Calf Raises Fight

Why do jump soles work so well then? They pretty much just for calf raise with every step. First of all, he was assuming that jump soles work "so well." I’m not saying that jump soles don’t work at all but jump soles are definitely not the foundation for a fantastic vertical leap program. I have used them, in fact when I was a child, my brother had some and it didn’t fit me.

He was a couple of years older and I was just young fella and so I put my shoes on and then I put those inside. I didn’t use to it though I used them later on as well and I think that it did help some. But they are different with calf raise.

So first of all let me say I am not endorsing stretch shoes as a be-all-and-all for vertical jump training at all. I do think they can add something to your vertical leap program, I also think what when you are doing them, you should do so very, cautious is not the right word, but you should definitely slowly increase the intensity because that’s something that lot of pressure on the Achilles tendon.

You don’t want to slap that bone. So be careful. Anyway, what’s the difference between a calf raise and using jump soles and for those of you who don’t know a jump sole, jump soles are pair of shoes, only they’ve got a platform so when you land, your whole heels are hanging over the edge of the platform.

And you’ll land like this all the time when you do plyometrics. So to be clear, when you do jump soles, you’re doing the whole plyometric routine. So you’re doing all kinds of plyometrics. And different companies make different of jump soles that stretch you jump soles. The main difference between doing a calf raise and doing jump soles is that calf raise is not for strength.

That kind of volume is not gonna be the best for your vertical leap. When you do a calf raise, you do so to strengthen your calf muscle and your tendons. And you do so by overload and by doing lower reps, higher intensity. And so the difference between doing jump soles, well jump soles are plyometrics thing so the contraction times are gonna be much faster and the reaction, it’s just a jumping movement and it’s more sports specific, it’s more plyometric, it’s more working on your plyometric and your reacting ability.

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