Jumping Technique Webinar Saturday 4pm

Yo guys! Saturday, 4 pm, Eastern Standard Time, we’re gonna be doing a webinar and it’s gonna be live so our seats are filling up already so I feel that I let you guys know. We’re gonna be going over jumping technique. I’ve been posting a couple of videos about some new techniques that I’m working on as well as some honing of some old ones you’ve seen.

Anyways, come to the webinar Saturday 4 pm. If you have a video, a good video, of you jumping side view, I’m gonna try to do some live technique analysis on there. So for bringers we have time for it we’ll get too as many videos as we can. We’re just gonna be going over how to jump higher immediately.

Basically how to use your central nervous system better, how to use your technique better and just put it all together, it’ll be better. For those of you who want from me without technique to increase your vertical leap, take it like this.

If I give you a baseball and you threw it with your strong hand you can lapse that suddenly, you can just get it going. If I told you to throw with an off hand, the coordination and technique wouldn’t be as good. You wouldn’t throw as far.

You can actually do the same with your vertical leap. Once you improved your technique you can improve the power output that goes to your body just by using better technique.

So we’ll be going over that in this webinar. The invitation is down below. It’s down here sign up before it fills up. We’re gonna start on the hour 4 pm EST on Saturday. If you don’t know what time that is for you in your country or state or province or area, Google that thing. So I will see you guys on the webinar. I will see you there. This is a free webinar. Talk to you there. Ba bye.

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