Master Your Shot Webinar Saturday

So some of you guys went to the webinar last week which was awesome. We had people afterwards saying they do it for the first time after learning all your techniques. Really cool stuff! If you missed it, if we do it again, be sure to make it.

This Saturday, we’ve got a webinar on Mastering Your Shooting Technique. We’re gonna be going over a lot of stuff. We’re going over the ideal technique. We’re gonna be looking at specific examples of shooting technique.

What to think when you shoot? How to practice in order to get carry over from your practice into the game. Or else we’re gonna be going over some serious stuff, all about shooting and improving your shooting game.

The webinar is free. We have 2 times on Saturday because last Saturday, a lot of you have missed it. So this time, we’re doing 2 different times. I believe it’s 4 pm and at 8 pm.

The link is down below the sign up. We already have 350 sign ups. Limitation is 500 on the webinar. So we’ve got about 150 slots left. I will see you on webinar. If you get there, be on time. We will start right on time. This is a live webinar. So I will talk to you guys on the webinar. Looking forward to it. Bye, bye.

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Article by Arven Pinuela

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