My vert went down after training!

My vert went down after training!

Hey Man! We??ve got a question.

Jacob thanks so much for all your advices. Every time I put on my workouts, I put a stop on my workouts for about 38 days. Surprisingly, when I continue I??m able to jump higher. So after a few days of training, my vertical starts to decrease and I was frustrated. Why is that happening? Shall I take more rest or ???

Well, let??s look this over. Now when we are training, you??re breaking down the muscles. Before you take days off, you probably get the better recovery. My guess is you??re very active person and you need those days off because your recovery is jeopardized by your high activity levels.

So you train and then you finally lie your body to recover then you experience their fruits. You get to see the results then you start training again breaking down your body not proper recovering, goes down and then you repeat cycle, which is okay. You break down, you build up. It could be bad if you don??t take those days off and you just deteriorate which can result an injury.

So my advice would be to spread your workout a little bit. For example, if you??re training Monday, Wednesday, Friday, why not train Monday, Thursday, Saturday or Monday, Friday, Sunday? Or something to spread your workout because obviously you??re not getting enough recovery as it is.

You also might wanna check on your sleep. Make sure you get sleep. Make sure you get proper diet, nutrition and make sure you??re doing everything you can to recover your body.

So that??s what??s going on. You just need more recovery, man! Everything is alright. You??re training properly because your vertical is going up. You just need to recover better or give more time to recover. That??s it.

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