Pre Ground Contact Acceleration

Pre Ground Contact Acceleration

So I want to talk to you guys about the new concept that I’ve come up in a little bit. And it’s something that to take it has scientifically experiment with me. Meaning I haven’t hooked up or EMG machines to know that yet and I will. And at that point, we will have undisputable evidence of the benefits of this. Let me just explain to you conceptually what it is and what I call it. I call it Pre-Ground Contact Acceleration. So what that does mean?

Well Pre-Ground Contact Acceleration means that the moment before you touch the ground to jump, you accelerate into the ground. Some people will say is that what you do but that’s explain the difference. For example, this is your foot and it’s coming down to touch the ground. Many people hit the ground and then explode after they hit the ground. Well as we know the more force in acceleration we can send into the ground. The more force in acceleration that would go into our jump.

So basically the force we pounded into the ground is the force that sends us skyward. So if you can use your acceleration before you hit the ground to increase the accelerative properties of the muscle you gonna get more force pressing into the ground. So this kind of force under jumping technique and again I call it Pre-Ground Contact Acceleration. Pre GCT Acceleration.

The way it works is right before you hit the ground. So right before you hit the ground, you’re getting as much acceleration and velocity down into the ground as you possibly can. So what I’m going to end up doing is strapping on BMGs and seeing what it does to muscle activation and what it does to jump height. However, anecdotally, meaning in my experience using this has helped me to get a little more punches and a little more pop especially plyometric.

For example if you hit the ground it’s gonna be hard for your muscles to reach higher velocity because you are pushing so it’s gonna more of a power event. But if you’re accelerating and slapping into the ground, powering into the ground you’re gonna get up greater plyometric response. And the faster the plyometric response it increases I would say exponentially but increases the power put from the natural spring back of your tendons. You see your tendons store elastic energy but that elastic energy isn’t like a rubber band.

For example you pull a rubber band and the elastic energy is stored basically until you let the rubber band go. The muscles in tendons work a little bit differently. The elasticity is stored more temporarily. For example if you stretch your muscle and then you keep it stretched the stored elasticity would dissipate. So the faster you could pound and the faster you can explode the more you will take use of that stored elasticity.

So I hope that makes sense to you guys and if you have any questions, let me know and again this is fairly preliminary and most are based on my experience with myself and a few other athletes. So more research will go into that but give it a try and let me know what you think.

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