Sprinting and Quad Strength for your Vertical Leap

Sprinting and Quad Strength for your Vertical Leap

It’s from JavaLinks. I’d like to say thanks for responding my last question about recovering my vertical after an injury. Since then I’ve gained 3 inches back awesome. I’m wondering about the importance of sprints and also specifically quad exercises. I feel as if my quad is lacking in comparison to my other major muscle groups. I appreciate any suggestions to help build up the strength in my quads. Thanks. All the best.

Let me get to your question. I’m glad you’ve worked and you got some inches back this time about your quad and sprinting. Sprint work is really good plyometric work because the ground contact time per step in sprinting is extremely low. So it’s good training for fast switch plyometric work. So sprinting in the Jump Manual and that should be sufficient to really get you going.

Again your running top speeds, you’re pacing yourself, you’ve being explosive as possible etc. etc. Sprinting however is not a very quad exercise since you’re asking about quads. Sprinting is very good hamstring heavy except for the very start. But anyways, if you look at the target squads, one of my favorite exercises in quads is a jumping muscle.

Despite all the hoopla that was about quads in past years, in past months whatever you may still find them in the internet quads are very important for increasing your vertical leap. So one of the great exercises is to do front squats and or raise your heels. You see, typically a power lifting squad you push your hips out and so your heaps are on the way back. We don’t jump like that.

Usually when you jump your knees are slightly in front. And that taxes the squad that is why having strong squads will make you more explosive, more bouncy, and lighter on your feet as far as vertical movement. So if you get the front bar or you could do the back bar and raise your heels and focus on not getting your hips so far back out. So when you do a regular squat, your hips go out like this.

And because of that you’re gonna be needing your hands and your groups a little more. With the front squad your heels are raised it changes the joint ankles a little bit so that your knees go out in front a little bit. But you feel the resistance of the quad a lot more. That’s how you gonna tweak your squat because every squat isn’t related, isn??t equal. So you do a power lifting squad or an Olympic squat but they’re different. So it depends on the joint ankles. Joint ankles will determine where the muscle tension is places.

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