Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

Tip #7 Build fast twitch muscle fibers, speed up slow twitch fibers. If you want to make leaps and bounds first we have to stop the bleeding! By this I mean no more slow-twitch inducing exercises like aerobics.

You need to decide: does the sport you are involved with require power… or endurance? If you’re a football player, gymnast, or sprinter (I think you get my point) you have NO need for aerobic training. When would you use it?

The more you practice long duration endurance training the more your muscles will learn oxygen consuming low output slow-twitch characteristics.

But you want muscles that are becoming more efficient at using the creatine phosphate energy system! You want to train your fast twitch. So without sounding like I’m hating on aerobics here, you really need to focus on those high-intensity/short duration drills like sprinting.

Interestingly enough sprinters have the highest percentage of fast-twitch muscles of all athletes. Who do you think jumps higher, the sprinter or the marathoner? It should be a no-brainer.

One final though on this subject is recent research in Nitric Oxide (NO) supplements seems to indicate that they speed up fast-twitch muscles and seem to make slow-twitch fibers act more like the fast as well. This may make this the ultimate in vertical jump supplementation possibly rivaling with Creatine Monohydrate!

Always remember to work with a vertical jump training program that is training your power, not your endurance. Think “Habitual Jump Training=Bad. Very Bad.” Doing something over and over the wrong way is not, repeat not going to help! You’ve got to train right to get the right results.

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Article by Jacob Hiller

Jacob Hiller's best selling book "The Jump Manual" has been used and taught in over 30 countries and in 4 different languages and featured on ESPN and Fadeaway. Coach Hiller has worked with professional and Olympic level athletes and is currently touring the globe.

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