Vertical Jump Programs Don’t Work

Vertical Jump Programs Don’t Work

Yo! So I got this guy. His name is T. Lastcolf. What??s up T?

So he says I did, —– program and I only gained 2 inches. I??d like to try your program but I??m a little hesitant because I??m not sure if this gonna work. That??s a legitimate, you know, kind of frustration. I??ve tried —– program, this program and this that, the other, it didn??t work.

So, here is a couple of ways to evaluate that. If it didn??t work, either you??re messed up and you just can??t increase your vertical, can??t increase your athleticism and that??s a personal problem you??re gonna have to deal with your whole life.

Or maybe the program didn??t work. Maybe the program didn??t have at all. Or maybe, you didn??t do something right in the program. So either it??s your program and you??ve got problems and you??ve never gonna be increase that vert. Or maybe the program isn??t right. I??m gonna suggest that it??s number two because you??re a human being, I??m a human being, a lot of human beings out there were made to adapt.

Our bodies, our muscles, our central nervous system is made to adapt. And you??ve been adapting since you were zero years old. So you can get better. You can get a lot better. But as far as, you know, this vertical jump program, that vertical jump program, you know, a lot of people asking that in person, Hey, oh yeah, all you do it and athletic program you know I??ve tried this and the first thing I asked him is I say, Did the program you do, what was the major strength component and if they say certain exercise, I??ll say well how many sets and reps were you doing? And then I say what kind, for example, squats, what kind of squats were you doing?

Because you know what, when you do squats like this, it??s not the same as doing squats like this and it??s not the same as doing squats like this. And it??s not the same as doing squats like this. There are a lot of different squats out there. So when people say I??ve done squats and it didn??t work, what kind of squats did you do? What kind of deadlifts did you do? How did you do them? Did you do them explosively? Did you do them slowly? Did you do them to failure every single time? You know, did you get stronger?

So, there??s a lot of question about that. So let??s just say there was a strength component then I ask people what??s the major plyometric component? What??s their technique component? So you gotta evaluate the program, you know, say I tried the program cause you know all the programs are related equal. So you gotta do the right program, you gotta do it with the right intensity. There??s a lot of variables.

So I say in the end what you??re evaluating why you should try some because the last one didn??t work, is to delve into the details.

Does this program have a strength component? Does it have a quickness and plyometric component? Does it have a technique component? Does it accommodate proper recovery and nutrition? There??s a lot of things that you want to look into. The more comprehensive your approaches and the more precise and intense your activity level is, the better your results should be.

There are a lot of programs out there that target high reps, only a plyometric component or no-technique component or they??re not specific enough in targeting joint angles or muscle groups and there??s a lot of race.

The last thing that you should do is to say, Hey, it didn??t work for me so maybe nothing is gonna work for me, because that is not a very precise approach, that is not a very productive approach.

So I hope this help. I know that many of you are in this position, right? You??ve tried something, didn??t get the results you wanted and you??re wondering should I, and have I learnt my lesson? Know what I??m saying?

Even though both would claim to be an athleticism program or vertical jump increasing program. They??re really quite very different angles based on how they target exercises, what aspects of athleticism they target, how they target it, etc, etc.

So if you have questions, post them on the down low, right below here. Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, I don??t know.

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