Weight training update pics

Weight training update pics

What??s up Yo!

Feel like it’s been a while maybe I was back in New Zealand the last time I saw you. Maybe Tahiti, I don’t know, kind of been off the grid a little bit and so waiting room has been good but I’m keeping at it and I post some pics, here’s some recent pics of my progress then get cut a little bit try to lose that fat and gain some little muscles otherwise, I’m at Sydney and I’m loving it.

Met some Jump Manual users out here, Mitch. Hanging out with Mitch, hanging out with Johnny Jade by the Social League with him the other day and I twisted the ankle but I’m feeling better now.

Raymond, known that guy Jump Manual user for few years, back in the day begging me for free Jump Manual finally met up with them. We’ll talking around Sydney having had a meeting yet. Anyways, anybody is in Sydney? Let’s paw!

Let’s go shoot around, let’s go dunk around a bit. So take up skateboarding and you are in Sydney just enjoying a really nice wake room. So it’s been a while but I??m loving, my strength is up again, dead lifting pretty good, doing the squats, doing the jump manual I’m gonna hopefully release again soon. When I was at the Social League Johnny shot some videos of me dunking so we put them on my Facebook page. Hit on over. Have a nosey.

Anyways guys let me start making more videos. I met a guy, his name is Mitch, we met up for lunch, Jump Manual user. He??s like "Hey man, where’s the videos?" So here I am.

Let me just talk to you about some we’ve been working with a lot with volleyball workers lately and some I’ve been teaching them about is when you work out, when you train, you wanna cross , you wanna train beyond super-compensatory threshold. What was that mean?

Well, in the day when I was in the simple word I call to be improvement zone but now I like cool words and I call it crossing the super-compensatory threshold. That means, if you’re doing something easy you won??t gonna get any better as long as it stay easy. If you’re doing some hard, what’s hard gets easy.

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