What Do You Always Mean When You Say Don’t Pace Yourself?

FlyWad again, you get now the question. Hey how cool is this, this is a one of those build stocking caps, I just put a stocking cap over the top of my head.

What do you always mean when you say, “Don’t pace yourself?”

When you pace yourself, you’re lowering your intensity in order to accommodate more repetition. So pacing is necessarily at a lowering intensity and gonna be a higher amount of reps. You pace yourself when you gonna run a mile because you can’t sprint a mile. And if you are training to be a faster sprinter then you don’t wanna run a mile, you don’t wanna run at a slow pace, set a pace at all. You don’t want to pace yourself at all. You wanna increase how fast your top velocity is.

So when I say don’t pace yourself, I mean don’t lower your intensity to accommodate more repetition. Instead, cut the set off. Say you are doing eight reps; let’s say at rep four your intensity drops off. Stop right there. Instead of doing to set eight, do two sets of four. Then you are doing eight reps at a highest intensity possible rather than eight reps at a lower intensity.

So it’s gonna be better for your results if every single rep is at the highest possible intensity.
So hope that answers your question. Quit pacing.

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