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Can I Swim After a Muscle Tear?

August 3, 2013 Read the full article →

Is it okay to swim after a muscle tear? Yeah, it’s gonna be okay. If you got a muscle tear and it??s pretty bad obviously you are a wound that has high amount of tension on the muscles because this is how a tear works, it’s a like a cloth that been torn and you […]

Best Headphones for Working Out

August 2, 2013 Read the full article →

I bought a Beats by Dre back in the day and then I went to India. It was so hot up in the club in India that those Beats by Dre gone broke and that was like weekend. Those things are expensive; you know that’s 200 bucks. And I was in India, I bought them […]

Jump soles Vs. Calf Raises Fight

August 1, 2013 Read the full article →

Why do jump soles work so well then? They pretty much just for calf raise with every step. First of all, he was assuming that jump soles work "so well." I’m not saying that jump soles don’t work at all but jump soles are definitely not the foundation for a fantastic vertical leap program. I […]

How to stay fit on the road Controversy!

July 31, 2013 Read the full article →

Hey! What’s up guys? So last time, I got in pretty decent shape, I went on a road trip in a camper van and in a camper van it’s too hard to find ways to stay fit especially. Anyways, I’m always on the road, always cruising and so this time I decided we’re gonna do […]

Does cardio ruin my vertical leap

July 30, 2013 Read the full article →

Yew! We’ve got a new question, let me read it to you. Is distance running bad for your vertical leap? This is a question that I dealt with for the first time. So when I was in college, my first year college exactly I decided to get ready to walk on the basketball team. I […]


How to cure jumpers knee

July 29, 2013 Read the full article →

One question is by Mr. F. Phylix. He says ??I know I don??t jump as high as I could due to a light injury, jumper??s knee. I??ve steadily improved to strengthen my knees over the past year I still haven??t managed to get rid of it completely. Any tips as to what else I could […]

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Increase vertical with these exercises starting speed

July 23, 2013 Read the full article →

Increase vertical with these exercises starting speed Oh hey, what’s up guys? Just finished working out today and what I focused on today was increasing my starting speed, increasing the ability which I start my movement which is in large degree a part of my central nervous system and part of my plyometric ability. There […]

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Increase Vertical with Nutrition

July 23, 2013 Read the full article →

Hey guys! This is Jacob Hiller of the Jump Manual and thank you very much. Wow! Thanks for all your questions, thanks for all your support. Based on that we’ve decided to do something a little bit different, something we haven’t done with you before. We’re gonna take all your questions and the content and […]

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Vertical Jump Programs Don’t Work

July 22, 2013 Read the full article →

Yo! So I got this guy. His name is T. Lastcolf. What??s up T? So he says I did, —– program and I only gained 2 inches. I??d like to try your program but I??m a little hesitant because I??m not sure if this gonna work. That??s a legitimate, you know, kind of frustration. I??ve […]

New Sydney dunks

July 22, 2013 Read the full article →

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