How to Strengthen the Toe Muscles

Tip #10: Strengthen the toe muscles. Flexor Hallucis Longus are the small muscles that start in the lower leg & come down to the big toe. Work this for an added inch by trying to curl in/or crunch the toes.

Another drill is to push up onto the tip toes and hold that for at least 10 seconds. After as little as 6 weeks with this you can easily add an inch to the top!

Remember it is important to separate your speed/plyometric training days from your strength training. This is a fatal flaw many programs are selling you that will rob you of much deserved results!

Check with our site periodically to see what’s new since I am always conducting new experiments as well as doing new research on this and many related topics!

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Article by Jacob Hiller

Jacob Hiller's best selling book "The Jump Manual" has been used and taught in over 30 countries and in 4 different languages and featured on ESPN and Fadeaway. Coach Hiller has worked with professional and Olympic level athletes and is currently touring the globe.

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